What to do to avoid heart attack?

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Hello friends, welcome to our new article, friends, today in this article we are going to talk about 7 such important points, with the help of which you can save yourself from serious diseases like heart attack.

1. Understand Your Risks

Friends, if you want to save yourself from heart attack, then first of all, recognize the risk factors inside you. And see if these things are not found inside you?

If you are more than 40 years of age, then your chances of having a heart attack gradually increase with age.

If you smoke, your chances of having a heart attack increase.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

If you are obese, your chances of heart attack increase.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

If you have a family history of high blood pressure or heart attack, then your chances of getting a heart attack increase in that case.

Similarly, if you are a patient of Blood Pressure, your BP keeps increasing, then in that case also you need to pay more attention.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

If you have this type of risk factor inside you, then first of all you should consult your nearest doctor, and do proper treatment for it. So that this risk factor can not create trouble for you in the future.

If you control all these risk factors in time, then you will not have to face Heart-Related Diseases in the future.

2. Eat More Vegetables

Friends, the second important thing with the help of which you can protect yourself from heart attack, you can reduce its risk, that is your diet.

Our daily diet helps a lot, not only for our heart health, but for our overall health, our diet plays a very important role.

If you want to reduce your chances of having a heart attack, then you should focus more and more on the Vegetable Diet.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

You should take more fruits in your diet, you must eat all the seasonal fruits that are there, along with this, if you want to take protein, then try to take plant base protein.

As there is a lot of good Protein in dal, soybean, kidney beans, you can consume them in your regular diet, you will get a lot of benefit from it.

3. Cut Back On Fats And Salt

You have to avoid fatty things like cream, curd, ghee, butter, Especially those that are trans fats or saturated fats, you should avoid them.

Salt should be eaten less, soft drinks or such drinks in which too much sugar is mixed, or there are preserve juices, they are wrong for you, they are bad, they increase cholesterol.

Vegetable which is leguminous is very good for heart health, you can take it in your daily food. Leafy Vegetable that are very good for heart health, you can also consume it in your daily food.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

Whole grains are very healthy for your health, as you can take oatmeal, you can take oats. And millet bread is also a right source for your health. After that dry fruits, you can eat them too.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

While taking Dry Fruits, you have to take it in moderation, if you take little by little then your cholesterol level will not be affected, you will get good nutrition and your heart health will be protected.

Walnut is considered a very good source of omega 3, it also lowers your cholesterol and also reduces the inflammation inside the heart.

So overall it means to say that if you take care of your diet, then because of that you can avoid being a victim of heart attack in your coming time.

4. Stay Physically Active 

Friends, physical activity is very important to improve your heart health. The more you walk and stay physically active, the more your Heart’s Pumping Power improves.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

By walking or running daily, the muscles of the heart become strong, and the chances of cholesterol accumulation in the veins of the heart are reduced. You must exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes.

If you do moderate intensity exercise, such as walking or doing any light exercise, then you should do it for 30 minutes daily.

If you do high intensity exercise such as weight lifting, running or jogging, then you will get benefits from doing it for just 15 minutes. With so much exercise, your heart gets activity, to stay healthy.


1. If you already exercise, then in that case try to increase your intensity gradually and gradually increase the timing of your exercise.

2. If you do not exercise, then try to start exercising a little from today, and increase your stamina. And increase your activities gradually.

3. During this, you have to keep in mind that you walk more and more throughout the day and sit less.

5. Stay Away From Tobacco

Friends, tobacco and all tobacco products are cardiotoxic, they act as poison for your heart, if you want to protect yourself from serious diseases like heart attack, then stop using tobacco and tobacco products today.

One thing you have to keep in mind here, if you are already consuming tobacco, and suddenly you reduce its consumption, then you will still suffer the same loss. By reducing its quantity, your body will be affected as much as it was before.

6. Manage Other Health Conditions 

Friends, there are some diseases that are responsible for causing heart attack in you, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc.

In such a situation, it is important for you to consult your doctor in time and treat it at the right time, and keep on treating it according to what your doctor says.

Many a times if our cholesterol is increased, we ignore it, or try to treat it at home, and here we miss, because we should not play with our body without doctor’s advice. 

7. Take Your Medicine Daily 

If you already have any health problem? For example, if you have Diabetes, or your cholesterol is high, or you have a problem with blood pressure, or there is a problem of thyroid, you have any problem like this which is going on for a long time.

What to do to avoid heart attack?

If you have any such disease which is going on for a long time, then you should take its medicines regularly, often times we are negligent in taking medicines, which is absolutely wrong.

You should try to keep taking the medicine that your doctor has prescribed for you regularly, until your doctor tells you to stop it.

If we make this mistake and stop our medicine on our own, then this condition can put us in a lot of problems in the future, and can work to create a lot of dangers.


Friends, these 7 points that I have told you today, these are very basic points and it is very important for your heart health, if you want to avoid heart problem in the coming time, then you have to take care of all these things.

You should tie these 7 points and follow these points wholeheartedly and sincerely, only then you can stay healthy for a long time, and save yourself from different types of diseases.

So friends, I hope that you must have liked today’s article and you must have learned something new from this article today, if you liked this article, then definitely share it friends. Next…..

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