What Is The Right Way To Eat Walnuts?

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Among the food items, dry fruits are considered to be the most special and healthy, but among all these things, walnuts are the only thing in which the antioxidant and Omega-3 Fatty Acids of the top quality are found in, so today we will know through this article that what is the right way to eat walnuts?

And this quality makes walnuts different and unique from all dry fruits but it is very important to know his benefits and disadvantages before using anything, as well as the right time and right way to eat it.

In one without peeled walnut

65% Fat
7% Fiber
4% Water
15% Protein
14% Carbohydrate

That is why walnuts falls under the category of Super Food and hence it can be included in both weight gain and weight loss diet, but the benefits of using it in the wrong amount and wrong way can also change in disadvantages.

Therefore, it is very important to first know about the right amount of walnuts, the right time to eat it, and what are the benefits of walnut and disadvantages of eating walnut. So today we will understand about walnut from the very beginning.

Right Way To Eat Walnuts

How much walnut should be eaten at least and maximum in a day, but first we have to know what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages of walnuts so that it can be easy for us to include it in our diet.

Good for skin

Friends, an antioxidant named Unique and Powerful Melatonin is found in walnuts. Apart from this, Antioxidant like Vitamin E Polyphenols and Flavonoid are also found in it. Which protect our body cells from the damage caused by free radicals by reducing the Oxidative stress of our body.

Fight against cancer

Compounds such as Polyphenol, Ellagitannins and Urolithin are found in the nut. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Fight Cancer Cells and Colorectal Cancer helps to a great extent in protecting against Breast Cancer. However, there is still some science research to be done in this subject.

Improve brain power

If you look at the nut properly, it looks like a human mind. It is another matter that it may be just a coincidence but it is also true that walnuts help in increasing brain power, omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts improve brain function.

Polyphenol and Vitamin-E It also helps to increase brain processing power and reducing oxidative stress. In the animal and test tube study, it has been found that people eating walnut are much smarter than the common people.

Healthy heart

In our body, both good (HDL) Cholesterol and bad (LDL) Cholesterol are found and whenever the quantity of (LDL) Cholesterol in our blood increases, the blood supply starts getting blockage and the chances of getting heart disease are very high.

Walnuts contain (ALA) Alpha Linolenic Acid Omega-3 fatty acids which along with being essential to our overall health, reduces bad cholesterol in the body and increases good cholesterol, which maintains cholesterol level balance in the body, which causes heart disease chances are very short.

The increase or decrease of cholesterol in our body depends on our diet and physical activities, so it is important to focus on our other food and exercise along with inclusion of walnuts in our diet.

Increase sperms

Along with the many vitamins found in walnuts, some essential Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, and Selenium are also found which boost metabolism and improve the quality of sperm.

The antioxidants found in it protects the sperm from the damage caused by free radicals and due to which the sperm count Mortality and Morphology of the sperm are improved to a great extent.

It acts like a Probiotics which increases the amount of good bacteria in the stomach and due to which the digestion also improves, due to the high amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and healthy fat in walnuts. Bone, eye also helps in the pain of joint and head pain, as well as to a large extent from disease like Type 2 diabetes.

Maintain weight

Walnuts contain about 65% fat, so those who have already increased their weight, it would be wrong to think that consuming walnuts will increase their weight even more.

If you want to weight lose or want to weight gain, you have to take carbohydrate protein and fat, it does not affect your weight, it is very important to eat the right amount of protein and fat. And contains more than 90% of the total fat found in walnuts and the amount of Monounsaturated fat and Polyunsaturated fat, which is in the category of good fats.

20-35% percent of the calories in the food we eat should be from fat, however how much fat you should consume daily It depends on your fitness goal.

When to eat walnuts?

Due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals in walnuts, we should consume it when our body needs instant health nutrition. The right time to eat walnuts is on an empty stomach in the morning, after exercise, and in the evening.

At such a time, our stomach is empty, due to which the nutrients present in the things we eat, very rapidly absorb in our body. An antioxidant found in walnuts, called melatonin, acts as a sleeping hormone. And this is the reason that walnuts can also be used at night.

Melatonin releases sleeping hormone in our body which helps a lot in getting good sleep, if you eat it with milk while sleeping at night, it will be good. If you want to use it at night before bed, then eat dinner in small amounts and consume one to two walnuts with milk or without milk after 2 hours of eating food and 30 minutes before bedtime.

How much walnuts to eat in a day?

Keeping in mind the nutrition present in it we should determine how much nut we should eat in a day, because walnuts have the highest amount of fat in addition to carbohydrate and protein, so how much walnuts you should eat depends on your fitness goals.

Some people want to eat walnuts for good health while some people are following weight gain and weight loss diet. So is need it is important to use it in different ways for different benefits.

By the way, eating at least one and at most seven walnuts in a day is considered safe higher level bodybuilders use walnuts to fill the healthy fat deficit. But the thing to note here is that not every person’s digestion works the same, we do not get the benefit of anything until it is digested properly in our body.

If we consume a lot of walnuts then it does not get Can’t digest easily in the stomach and due to, it can also cause harm. That is why if you do not do daily physical activities in your life and want to include walnuts in your diet to stay good healthy, then you should start one or two walnuts right. And later the amount of walnuts should be increased or decreased, depending on the response of the body.

If you do workouts to increase or decrease weight, then it is right to consume it under 30 minutes of exercise and later the amount of walnuts should be increased or decreased, depending on the response of the body. If you are following a diet to lose weight, then you should start with one or two walnuts and consume it only after one hour of exercise.

Metabolism is boosted during exercise and this is the reason that one feels hungry immediately after exercise. Our body burns fat cells to produce energy, which starts melting body fat and this process lasts for about an hour after exercise.

When we eat something immediately after exercise, our body starts to use the calories in that food to produce energy and then the fat burning process stops immediately, so the people who exercising for fat loss, they should use any food or walnuts within one hour of exercise.

If you eat two to three walnuts, then you should reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in the food you eat daily, because consuming too much fat may cause problems in weight loss. Walnuts till then cannot do anything until the person’s diet and lifestyle is correct. The occurrence or increase of weight of the because is depends on the diet, physical, activity and rest.

Walnuts dry or soaked

Dried walnuts are Enough tannins and fatty acids, which go into the stomach and make them Phytate by banding with the minerals present in the body, which impede nutritional absorption in the body and slow down the digestion process.

If we soak walnuts in water before eating, the phytic acid present in it gets out of the minerals to a great extent by binding to the minerals present in the water and then it becomes much easier to digest than the dried walnuts and its hotness is decreases.

Eight to seven hours before using the nut, it should be left in water and it should be eaten by washing it with clean water while eating. There is a layer of small peel on top of the nut,

More than 90 percent of the antioxidant named Phenol found in this peel, which is considered to be one of the most important parts of walnuts, so it is not necessary to peel walnuts after soak walnuts.

Best walnut

There are two types of walnuts, especially black walnut and brown walnut, brown walnut is also known as English Walnut, although both walnuts have equal amounts of calories, but black walnut contains some micronutrients such as Arginine and Selenium is higher than brown walnuts while, brown walnuts have higher amount of omega tree fatty acids.

Shells found in brown walnuts are thinner than black walnuts which break easily, as well as test of brown walnuts are softer and nicer than black walnuts, keeping the walnuts in a tight box or in a cool place.

The Polyunsaturated fats found in walnuts quickly oxidizes on a warm wake, which causes it to deteriorate due to fungus, as well as its smell and test, and then its intake can also harm the body. is.

Who should not eat walnuts?

Despite the countless benefits of walnuts, it comes in the category of top Allergies food, so it does not suit everyone, so by its use, some people start having skin rashes and sensation around the mouth. Therefore, such people should not consume walnuts without doctor’s advice. Walnuts should not be consumed by people who have Eczema Psoriasis or any kind of allergies.

Who should eat walnuts?

Walnuts are very beneficial for pregnant women, but it is also important to take care that nut is an Allergies food, so if a child with a stomach is allergic to walnuts, then walnuts should not be consumed. So pregnant woman must take the advice of the doctor before including the nut in her diet.

Disadvantages of eating walnuts

You may have heard from some people that the use of walnuts causes acne and pimple problems on the face, because we have mentioned earlier that walnuts do not suit everyone, so the problem of acne increases.

The quantity of Omega-6 in walnuts is higher than omega three and reduces omega-3 infestations while the intake of more omega-6 increases the body inflammation, which causes increased production of sebum in the skin, so the chances of increasing pimples are also increased.

If seen on the other side, omega-3 and zinc are also found in walnuts, which helps in reducing the pimples. If called overall, people with pimple can also consume walnuts but they can be consumed in less quantity by walnuts. Should also include high omega-3 and low omega-6 food in include our diet

It is very important to include all these things in your diet like flax seeds, chia seeds and fish oil, because of the high amount of omega-3 in them, it helps us to keep the balance of to be found omega-6 from walnuts. And then people with pimple can eat it too.


Walnut is a super food, so at least one to two walnuts should be included in your diet and if you get benefit from it, then you should continue it, because walnuts are very beneficial for health.

Through this article, we have shown all the aspects of walnuts, both bad and good. If you will get a little benefit from this article, then we will be happy with this. How did you like this article, tell us so that we will bring more such articles for you.

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