What Is The Right Way To Eat Gram?

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Chole is considered a very healthy food in vegetarian diet and this is because it is high in protein as well as other nutrients are also present in large quantities, so today we will see through this article how to eat gram, what is the right way to eat gram?

But here it is important to understand that to get the full benefit of any food, that food needs to know the right time and right way to eat, along with knowing the advantages and disadvantages of that food.

What happens in chickpeas?

Right way to eat gram?

Chickpeas has a good amount of fiber which helps in regulating carbohydrate as well as eliminating constipation and improving digestion because the biggest reason for constipation in any person is lack of fiber in food and Fiber is present in the right amount in chickpeas .

Chickpeas skin is good for hair and it helps in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body, in controlling blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as the high quality protein it contains helps in both weight gain and loss. But it is necessary for it to be used properly.

How should be eat gram?

Friends, it is important to understand here that eating chickpeas in every different way has its different benefits and due to not having the right information in few situation, it can also harm the body. Soaked chickpeas is rich in nutrients.

Raw chickpeas soaked in water are also a little heavy to digest because our digestive system has to work very hard to break the raw chickpeas, so if you eat raw chickpeas then chew it well and eat it in small amounts.

Benefits of eating sprouted chickpeas

Eating chickpeas sprouts increases its benefits even more, because the amount of ingested protein, vitamin minerals and fiber in sprouted gram increases to a great extent. After the chickpeas is sprouted, the whole amino acid in it is replenished and it becomes a complete protein food.

Disadvantages of eating sprouted grams

In spite of so many benefits of sprouted gram, there is also a shortage in it and that is that the bacteria found in it increases the chances of getting some bacteria to grow because of keeping the gram soaked for a long time for it to germinate.

Who should not eat sprouted grams?

Children, old man and pregnant women should not eat boiled sprouted raw, that is, because the immunity power of these people is weak, which bacteria in raw sprouted gram can also harm their body.

Benefits of boiled chickpeas

If we boil or cook the chickpeas a little, then there is a slight decrease in their vitamins and minerals, but it becomes more safe to eat and easier to digest, which can be used by everyone.

When should one eat chickpeas?

Ripe chickpea can be used at any time, but it is better to use it in the morning breakfast, soaked chickpeas soaked in water should always be used in the morning. After eating it, keep aside a gap of at least one to one and a half hours to eat anything so that the body gets the full benefit of eating gram.

How much chickpeas should be eaten in a day?

How much chickpeas should a person eat? It depends on its digestive power and its physical activities. The important thing here is that if you chickpeas soaked in water, then you should only do one to two handfuls of chickpeas and chew it very well while eating it.

Chana soaked in water is slightly heavy to digest, which can cause problems like gas and indigestion due to its excessive use. Anyone can use fifty to sixty grams of gram by boiling it or cooking it in any way.

People who do gym or exercise can use it up to 100 or 150 grams according to their requirement, but here one thing is important to keep in mind that you should not use so much gram at once. You can use it two to three times.

Use of gram to reduce weight

Due to the good amount of protein in gram, it helps in increasing the muscle mass in the body and reducing the increased fat to a great extent. Due to the presence of fiber with carbohydrate in this, it is comes to category of Low Glycemic Food which is very good. Low glycemic food is slowly absorbed in the body, which prevents from increasing the amount of sugar in blood and prevents body fat from increasing.

If you are following a diet for weight loss, then it is better to keep 20 to 25 grams of gram in water overnight and wake up in the morning and chew it properly, the amount of nutrients in raw gram is high. And due to its slowly digesting in the body, it keeps the appetite in control to a large extent. Due to which there is a lot of help in weight loss.

If you do not digest raw gram or have a gas problem, it is better to boil the gram and eat it, you can use of the roasted gram as a snack, it is important to note that the roasted eat done grams with peel. Because the fiber is present in the peel of the chickpeas.


In this article, we have told the benefits of chickpeas. How you can eat chickpea to make your health stronger and better, so you should read this post in its entirety so that you can understand all its aspects properly.

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People have been consuming chickpeas since ancient times. There are countless benefits of chickpeas. Only the way of eating it should be right, it can do wonders in your life, only it is necessary to use it properly. So friends, how did you like our article today, tell us in the comment section so that we can bring more new articles for you. Read more,

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