What Is The Right Way To Eat Egg?

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Often people use eggs in their food, but whenever the name of the egg comes, people think that eating it increases the body heat and the problem of facial acne and pimples starts to occur. What is the right way to eat egg? there is no information people about when and how much quantity of eggs is required and what are the benefits of egg.

Eggs can be used for both weight gain and weight Lose, but for that it is very important to know the right way to eat it, so in today’s article we will know how to use eggs properly.

How many eggs should be eaten in a day?

In fact, eggs have the highest amount of fat and good cholesterol, but fat and all kinds of vitamins are in the egg yolks, so eat it as much as our body needs. Our body needs 300mg (HDL) Cholesterol per day and an egg contains 187mg (HDL) Cholesterol, according to this, you should eat only two or three eggs a day

Who should not eat egg?

People with diabetes and heart disease should not eat above an egg or should consume it according to their doctor, due to excessive use of eggs, there are more chances of having diabetic problems and heart disease.

A research has found that overeating eggs increases the amount of bad cholesterol in 30% people and the chances of having the possibility of blocked arteries are much higher.

When should eggs be eaten?

Although eggs can be used at any time, but it is very important to change the quantity of the eggs and the time of eating according to the need, because some people use it to gain weight and some people in weight loss.

Whether you use it for weight gain or weight loss, but if you want to eat it along with the portion of the yellow, then it is most beneficial to use it in the morning breakfast.

Because eggs contain high quality protein healthy fat and all types of essential amino acids, so consuming it in breakfast keeps you energetic for a long time, but one thing to always remember, if you are following a diet of weight loss. Then you should not eat more than one egg yolks. Because it contains a high amount of saturated fat.

Egg is rich in nutrients, so it can be used for both weight loss and weight gain. Some people use the white part of the egg while some people use whole egg. Therefore, the question arises here whether to eat it with the yellow part of the egg or eat it without the yellow 

Often, the question arises in the mind of the people that if the egg is eaten with the yellow portion, then how much egg should be eaten during the day? And if only the white part of the egg is eaten, then how many eggs can be consumed in a day.

Right way to eat egg whites

Although weight gain and loss of weight depends on the calories eaten throughout the day, but white egg plays a big role in both weight loss and weight gain. White egg contains high quality protein used to which helps to repair a broken muscle during exercise.

If you do bodybuilding then 10 to 12 white eggs can be used throughout the day. If you use it 30 minutes before exercise or 30 minutes after exercise, then it helps you with energy as well as muscle growth. If you are following a diet to lose weight, then only 5 to 6 white eggs should be consumed.

Does egg cause pimples?

People who have problems with pimples are always confused about eating eggs, whether or not there are pimples by eating eggs, it has not yet been scientifically proven. But it has been seen from some studies and personal experience that the production of oil in the skin starts to increase due to the consumption of eggs. Due to which the pimples start growing.

Along with the protein and fat in the egg, It also has a tendency to produce heat in the body, which targets the Sebaceous Gland and makes the chances of growing pimples even more. So try to consume minimum eggs during pimples, if you want to consume eggs, then eat white eggs.


Everyone knows that egg is a very powerful diet source, but only few people will know about. What is the right way to eat egg? and what is the benefits of egg our body. Especially those who know more about the benefits of egg, who like to take care of their body

Friends, egg is a very beneficial food and in this article we have shown all the aspects of eggs. You should read this article carefully and take advantage of it, friends, if you have any problem with eggs, please before eating it. Consult your home doctor and then eat eggs.

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