What Is The Right Way To Eat Dates?

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Today we will talk about when and how to use dates, what is the right way to eat dates? and disadvantages of dates, what things should date should be eaten with, if you want to increase or decrease weight, then how should you use dates?

There are many types of dates, but all have their benefits, but there is also a Dates which you should never use, we will try to know about all these things today.

 Right Way To Eat Dates

Friends, dates are comes in the category of a dried fruit, which has the highest amount of complex carbohydrates, which serves to provide energy to the body, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals that do improve brain function and Strengthens bones

Flavonoid phenolic acid and other antioxidants found in dates can increase memory, improve eye health and protect us from diseases like cancer.

When should dates be eaten?

Although dates can be used at any time, but there are three times in the whole day when it is better to use dates. 

1. Morning empty stomach

2. After breakfast and before lunch

3. Four to five o’clock in the evening

If you doing exercise, you can take it with egg white as pre and post workouts, because this type of food gives the body both carbohydrates and protein. 

Dates can also be used in place of sugar, because they are sweet like sugar and are very beneficial for health as well. Sugar made from dates can also be purchased online, but its quality is often not good, so it It would be better to make at home.

How to make sugar with dates?

To make sugar from dates, you have to cut the dates well into small pieces and dry it in the sun and grind it which will turn it into small grains and then you can use it in place of sugar wherever you want.

How many dates can eat in a day?

How much date can you eat in a day, friends, it depends only on your fitness goals, because dates are a dry fruit, it also contains more natural sugar and calories, so it should be used in small amounts at a time.

Generally, to maintain good health, eating two to three dates in the morning is enough and most people should use dates in this way.

Role of dates to increase or decrease weight

Dates due to being a high calorie food, it does not play any special role in weight loss. If you are following a diet to lose weight, then you can eat dates as a health food for two to four pieces in a day, but in much more quantity you should not consume it or it can grow in place of weight loss.

If you do heavy workouts and want to gain weight, then you can use five to six dates with some good protein food in the afternoon and evening. However weight gain and incidence depends on the food eaten the whole day.

Which dates should not be eaten?

Friends, dates are of many types, most of which are beneficial, but there is a date which is very hard on the inside but The outside is completely sticky as if there is some Gulab jamun.

Continuous use of such dates can cause damage to the body rather than benefits. Take care of one thing, whatever dates you buy, it should not be sticky and succulent from outside.


Benefits of dates, friends, in this article we have discussed almost all aspects. If you gain anything from this article, then we will understand our goodness, you should read this article completely and understand how the dates is so beneficial and why it is important for us.

Does eating dates increase weight? Does eating dates cause weight loss? Is dates good for our skin? What will happen if you eat more dates? How many dates should be eaten in a day? We have tried to answer all these questions through this article.

We hope that you will definitely like this article and you will definitely benefit from it, friends, read this article completely and understand what the date palm is and then start consuming it, friends, if you want to read such articles, then click on this link.

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