What Is The Right Way To Eat Apple?

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Apples comes in the category of very much healthy food, many people do not know. What is the right way to eat apple? and what are the disadvantages of apples and they do not even know when and how to use it, 

If we use apple incorrectly, it causes disturbances in our digestion and problems in many ways. And this is why to get the right benefit of eating the body and it is very important to know the right time and right way to eat it before eating anything.

You might have noticed that the apple starts to black soon after cutting, do you know why this happens and what harm can be caused to your body by eating it.

What happens inside the apple?

Friends, apple comes in the flame calorie food category, which also contains a small amount of vitamins and minerals, and this is the reason that apple can be used by anyone, but the most important thing that is in it is fiber and antioxidants.

Right way to eat apple

Apples contain fiber which helps in improving digestion power, eliminating constipation, in our body, controlling blood sugar and reducing the amount of bad cholesterol.

Apple has a special type of antioxidant that can slow down the aging process by reacting to the toxic substances like free radicals that are made in the body, which makes the skin clear and glowing for a long time.

Consuming the right amount of apple improves the health of hair, reduces increased heat in the body and also helps us to a great extent in protecting us from diseases like cancer.

How much apple a day should be eaten?

Friends, in a day, it is enough for one person to eat an apple, but if a person wants to eat more than one apple, then there is no problem in this as well, after cutting the apple, you should eat it as soon.

The cut apple has an enzyme called polyphenol. After reacting with oxygen, it is destroyed shortly after. And this is the reason that shortly after cutting the apple, the color of the apple starts to brown.

The cut apple can be used later, but in such a situation, the brown portion should be cut and separated and the remaining portion should be eat, but it is better option to eat the apple immediately after cutting.

When should apple be eaten?

If you want the right benefits of apples, then apple should use morning empty stomach, because the things eaten in the morning have the most effect on our body, although it can be used as a snack during the daytime. But there should be a difference of two to three hours between your second meal and the apple.

When should not eat apple?

Do not consume any fruit immediately after eating food and at bedtime if you do so, it can cause problems in your stomach, so it is very important to keep in mind.

How to eat apple?

There are many nutrients present in the skin of the apple, which benefit the body, but keep in mind that chemical spraying is done on the apple trees nowadays. And most of the apples are chemically applied to make them look good.

Even after breaking the apple from the garden, it is brought to the company and the layer of wax is mounted on it so that it looks good and bright, but by eating this kind of apple, there is only loss rather than profit.

Most people eat apples by washing them with simple water, which is a very wrong way, because washing the apples with only a simple water does not remove the chemical.

Therefore, the question arises here that what should be done that the body can get all the benefits of eating apple, And also avoid the chemicals in it, there are two ways for it.

1. Step 

Heat the water in a large pot, put in this add a tablespoon of Baking Soda and mix it well, and whatever vegetables you use along with the apples, put it in this pot for ten to fifteen minutes with.

In this process, baking soda removes all types of chemicals from almost all types of fruits and vegetables, and the hot water works to melt the wax applied on the fruit, due to which all kinds of chemicals on the fruits are removed.

After ten to fifteen minutes, remove it with baking soda water and wash it with simple water, and then rub it with a towel or cloth to clean it. After washing it with baking soda, you can also consume it by washing it with ordinary water.

2. Step

Another way to consume apple is if you peel it, it is also beneficial, but extracting the skin of the apple reduces its nutrients slightly, but removing the peel makes it more safe to eat and digest.

Benefits of apple juice

Apple juice damages the body when it is filtered after making juice. By filtering the juice and drinking it the fiber present in it is completely taken out. Apple should be eaten directly if you want to drink its juice, then you have to drink its juice without filtering it, it is beneficial for the body.

Disadvantage of apple juice

Friends, the right benefit of eating an apple is given when it is eaten directly. By using the apple in such a way, all the nutrients present in it remain intact which gives a lot of benefit in the body. While making apple juice, we grind it at very high speed, which is wrong to a great extent, because by doing this, the nutrients of the apple are destroyed.

Apple and Milk

If you mix and drink apples and milk and make a shake, then this can also be the right choice, but you have to keep in mind one thing here, because it is a bit heavy to digest, so it does not digest everyone. Whether or not to add milk to it depends on your digestive power


Benefits of apples , friends in this article, we have tried to explain almost all the aspects in detail. We have shown all the qualities of apple in this article and have tried to present it to you correctly.

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