Close Grip T-Bar Row: Best Exercises For Back

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Today we will talk about Close Grip T-Bar Row exercise , T-Bar Row is an exercise that not only trains your latissimus dorsi, ie your lats, but also targets your middle, upper and lower back.

This is a very good exercise, which should be in your workout. Whether you do the bent over barbell row, whether you do pull ups, or whether you do lat pulldowns.

But unless you include close grip t-bar row in your back workout, your overall back development will not happen, if you do not do this exercise, you will not see the thickness and width in your back.

So friends, this is a very good exercise, so let’s know about it, how to do it, what mistakes people make while doing it, and what is the right way to do it.

Muscles Involved

T bar row is a very wonderful exercise, while doing this exercise, the entire muscles of your upper back are engaged, here I mean, they start developing.

And not only this, the interesting thing here is that! If we do this exercise correctly, then we need to do some selected exercises for the back. This exercise of cue targets your back top to bottom.

So now we will see how our back muscles work together while doing this exercise. And what are the names of those muscles, as well as their functions.

Teres Minor
Teres Major
latissimus Dorsi
Pectoralis Major
Posterior Deltoid
Trapezius (middle and lower)

1. Brachialis: Friends, although our upper body works to do this exercise, but in this we will focus on some main things, such as bicep brachii, it is the front part of our long head bicep.

When we perform this exercise, at that time bicep brachii plays an important role, without it we cannot do this exercise.

2. Teres Minor: This part is located above our lats and below the shoulders, it is in one corner of our back, it is a very small muscle part. While doing the close grip t-bar, it gets pressure on bicep brachii.

3. Teres Major: This muscle is situated between the teres minor and the latissimus dorsi, it is a very cute muscle, hidden between the two muscle, it is visible at the same time when the back is fully developed.

4. Infraspinatus: This muscle is located in the corner of the shoulder, this muscle is located below the supraspinatus and above the teres major and teres minor.

5. latissimus Dorsi: This is a very important part of our back, it gives our back a V shape, which looks very attractive, and it is the largest part of our back, It hangs on our two sides like wings, which looks very attractive.

6. Pectoralis Major: This muscle is above the latissimus dorsi and below the deltoid, it is on the chest side of our body, and is slightly larger in size. Close grip T-bar row trains this too.

7. Posterior Deltoid: This is a very attractive looking part of our body, which is everyone’s dream to develop. This is the muscle above the teres major and teres minor, and this exercise is part of the T-bar row.

8. Trapezius (middle and lower) This is the middle part of our back, which takes some time to make, it takes hard work, but if we do the right exercise of the back, then we can develop it.

How to Perform

If you want more benefit from any exercise, then it is very important do it correctly, the method of doing every exercise is different, but if you perform the exercise in the right way, then you will get more benefit.

Friends, while doing this exercise, you have to do it a little carefully because there is a little risk in it, while doing this exercise, there may be pressure on the waist, so do it carefully.

Step 1: While doing the T-bar, move both your feet to either side of the bar and keep the gap of both the feet equal to the gap of your shoulders.

Step 2: While doing this, make a slight arched in the waist, and bend the knees slightly and keep the neck straight, bend the hips slightly and tighten it.

Step 3: Grab the T-bar with both hands, and arms straight, gaze straight, and lift the bar toward your chest, your torso centered at 45 degrees and parallel to the floor.

Step 4: While going up, leave the hands a little loose, take both the elbows towards the Outside, when you are lifting the weight, do not let the lower back round at that time.

Step 5: Extend your arms completely and repeat, while doing this, do it slowly and take full advantage of it. Lifting it with a jolt can cause injury.

T-Bar Rows Benefits

1. The Close Grip T-Bar Row is a great option, many reasons to include it in back workouts for back development. It targets our back top to bottom.

2. By doing this exercise, your back becomes thick, your back is wide, your back gets a V shape, and not only this, this exercise is a great option for lower back.

3. This exercise was used by veteran bodybuilders, this was the most favorite set of Arnold, the king of the bodybuilding world, he used to do it with all his strength.

4. You must have heard the name of Ronnie Coleman, Ronnie Coleman, who was 8 time Mr. Olympia, used to do this exercise wholeheartedly, the popularity of this exercise is increasing day by day.

5. Without doing this exercise, the development of the back is incomplete, because it is the best exercise for the back, everyone will advise you to do it, everyone knows how important this exercise is.


We have mentioned this thing above also. That we have to do this exercise very carefully, so friends, to do it, we may need some things like.

While performing this exercise, there is a high possibility of pressure on our waist, if you have been doing this exercise for a long time, then there is no problem.

Because you have passed more time while doing this exercise, then you will be expert in it, but those people who are just starting, those people should do it very carefully.

That’s why I would advise you to wear a waist strap here, you must wear a waist strap while doing this exercise, it will reduce the pressure on your waist, you will have less chances of injury.


People often like to do the Close Grip T-Bar Row with enthusiasm, but it is a very risky exercise, and doing it with enthusiasm can be very expensive.

While doing this, keep your heart and mind in one place, and then do this exercise, because there is a high risk of hurting the back, and you will find many such examples.

Lots of people’s life has been spoiled, because of their mistakes, so you should first take care of safety while doing any exercise in the gym, and then perform any exercise.

So here I mean to say to all of you, that if you do this exercise, then do not do it at all to show or impress anyone, if you want to do this exercise, then do it with full consciousness.

T-Bar Row Tips

Don’t round the waist: Most of the bodybuilders do not do this exercise in the same range of motion, the posture of the body keeps changing, and this is very wrong.

Foot position: You must have seen in most of the exercises, that the position of the feet is similar to the shoulders, so there is something similar in this exercise, and while doing it, bend the knees slightly.

Hand position: When you hold the bar, keep both hands straight, when you up the bar, at that time lift the bar towards the chest, and while bringing it back, bring it between both legs.


Every effort has been made to ensure that this information is accurate, timely and genuine. Although its moral responsibility is not The World of Fitness. We request you to kindly contact your teacher before trying this exercise. Our purpose is to provide you with information. Next…

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