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Everyone knows that water is very important for our body, but how many people know that we cannot live without water? Friends, there is a lot of benefits of water, We can also say that water is the nectar for our body.

Often, many of us consider water so simple that we feel we can drink water whenever we want and in whatever amount we want. But it is completely wrong for us to think like that, water is not as simple as we think. 

It is equally necessary for all the organs of our body to function properly and to remove all the poisonous substances produced in the body. From the stomach to the skin, and from weight gain to weight loss, water plays a much larger role.

Right amount of water, right time to drink water and how to drink water, what are its advantages and disadvantages. If information about this is not available, then the body will not get the right benefits. Then the person may eat good things no matter how much.

Water Deficiency Diseases

  • Oily Skin
  • Hair Loss
  • Joint Pain
  • Fat Freeze
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Gas Lethargy
  • Skin Allergies
  • Kidney Stones
  • Sleepless Nights
  • Decreased Immunity
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Liver disease / Weakness 
  • Problem with weight gain or weight loss
  • There is no benefit to the body by eating

This type of sickness can only be due to lack of water, or drinking water incorrectly. So today through this article we will know what is the importance of water in our life. And the secret of many things related to water. So, read this article completely and understand it. 

Why is water so important?

Friends, our body contains 60 to 70 percent water. And the water we drink is used to heal our internal organs such as kidney, liver, lungs, digestive system, and almost all parts of the body. 

The most important thing is the use of water to keep the cells of our body alive. Now the question arises that how much water can be drunk at least and maximum in a day. And if there is a lack of water in your body, then how can it be detected.

How to detect lack of water in the body?

Friends, as soon as there is a lack of water in the body, the color of the urine turns yellow, the digestive power starts to weaken, the face and the skin of the body slowly starts becoming dry and lifeless and loose.

If the way of water drinking is not taken care of initially, these symptoms can also take the form of serious illness in future. Therefore it is necessary to drink a regular amount of water.

Benefits Of Water

Despite having zero calories in water, it helps to hydrate our body and help us in getting the toxic substance out of the body. Keeps the skin clean, helps in brain power, digestion, eyes, bone, and almost all the parts of our body to keep functioning properly.

Water is so important to us that a person can live for a long time without eating. But it is very difficult to live without water. In the process of breathing stool, sweat, urine and breathing, about two liters of water is released from our body every day. Which is very important to restore.

How much water to drink in a day?

By the way, how much water a person should drink throughout the day depends on the health of the person, the season of the place where he lives, his weight and his physical activities. But a normal person must drink 2.50 – 3 liters of water. Which is about 8 – 12 glass with an average size glass. 

In the summer season, if the amount of sweating gets a little more, then the amount of water can be increased. Exercisers should drink a little more water than ordinary people. Because their water consumption is slightly higher in their body.

Symptoms of drinking too much water

If any thing is in high quantity then it is harmful. Drinking lots of water increases the efficiency of our kidneys. And the chances of low sodium levels in the blood are very high.

But this happens rarely. Because often people do not drink as much water as there is a limit to drink in a day. And such a loss occurs when a person drinks more than four or five liters of water in a day.

Right way to drink water

Some people think that water can be drunk whenever and however you want, but it is not right to think that, because drinking the same type of water in different ways, it effect the body in different ways. Therefore, water should always sit and drink slowly. 

Like watering the mouth and rotating it for four to five seconds, and then swallowing it, so that the saliva of our mouth which is alkaline, goes into the stomach and calms the acidic properties of the stomach, which helps to increase digestive power. 

Wrong way to drink water

If we stand and drink water our kidneys cannot filter it properly. And by taking a bottle of water out of the mouth and drinking water, the poisonous gases present outside also enter our body. And because of this, joint pain can happen in future.

Water should always sit and drink in 3 to 4 breaths. And only 1 to 1.5 glass at a time, or as much as thirst, should drink only that much water. Because of drinking too much water at one go, our kidney cannot filter it properly. And without using water in our body, it is excreted through urine.

Cold Hot & Normal Water

Friends, if we eat or drink any cold thing, then our body first heats it, and then uses it. The same thing happens with water, when we drink cold water kept in freeze, it is first heated in our stomach, then comes in handy. And by then all the energy gets wasted in this process, and our body also has to wait till the water gets hot in the stomach to use this water.

Benefits of light hot water

Water should always be drunk lightly or lightly warm, because our body uses light hot water immediately. And even in breaking down the food we eat, light hot water helps a lot, which increases digestive power, and also clears the stomach.

Disadvantages of cold water

Cold water makes the food we eat difficult, due to which the digestion process becomes very slow. And there are more chances of constipation. So, if possible, do not drink too much cold water

When should not drink water?

Friends, this is such a thing, where people often make mistakes. And they become victims of many diseases. There is no harm when eating food, drinking one or two choking water before or after eating. Drinking one or two choking water before eating food also removes dry food easily from the throat, and don’t even hiccup.

But here, speaking one or two choking means that a person should drink as much water as can wet the throat. But while eating food, before or after, filling a glass, or in large quantities, drinking water is not right at all.

Whether to drink water immediately after meals

If we consume water immediately after eating then water makes that food thin. And digestive juices also do not drain properly from our stomach. Due to which the digestion process slows down. Therefore, water should always be drunk for 45 minutes or one hour after eating.

Drinking water at night, right or wrong

Drinking water before going to sleep at night, or suddenly when sleep is open, friends, water is more beneficial for us in the day, similarly drinking more water at night can also cause harm.

When we are deep sleep at night, our body is not active. And for this reason, without proper use of water in our body, water reaches into the kidney to be filtered. Where it causes great damage to our kidneys. And after getting up from sleep, we need to go to the bathroom again and again, which has to face a lot of difficulties in getting to sleep again.

Therefore, try to meet the lack of water throughout the day, so that we do not need much water at night. difference of 45 minutes or one hour should be kept between drinking water twice. Because by drinking water quickly, the water passes out through the urine without being used in our body.

What should be the difference in drinking water after urination?

If you do not keep Difference between drinking water, you may have Early urination problem. When you feel that your urine is not yellow, it is very clean like water, this means that your body does not need water at this time. After urinating, drink water after 15 to 20 minutes, so that our kidneys can get some rest.

Can we drink water after eating fruits?

By drinking water very quickly, the problem of frequent urination and inability to stop urination can start. After eating fruits, such as vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes, if you eat them raw, they should never drink water immediately after eating. 

Whenever you eat bananas, watermelons, pomegranates, oranges, and other fruits, water should not be drunk immediately. Because by doing this, the thing eaten becomes very hard. and digestion power becomes slow, and because of this some people also get colds.

Can we drink water after eating hot things?

If you eat or drink very hot things, like tea, coffee, and suf, after drinking all these things, you should not drink water immediately. Because after drinking these things, drinking water immediately causes damage to teeth and gums.

When should we drink water?

Friends, just like before we eat food, wash the plate and clean it, and then eat it in that plate, similarly we must clean our stomach before eating or drinking anything, for which nothing better than water.

Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning, cleansing the toxic substances of the stomach. But those who wake up in the morning and eat or drink anything without drinking water, it is exactly the same as eating food without washing the plate.

Can we drink milk at night?

If we consume Milk instead of water after two hours of dinner, then the protein present in milk provides energy to the body slowly throughout the night. And the amino acid called Tryptophan helps to calm the mind and give us good sleep.

How much difference should there be in drinking water twice?

Whenever you drink water during the day, keep a gap of about 45 minutes or 1 hour between drinking water twice. So that two and a half to three liters of water can be complete in the whole day. If you come through the sun and do running or exercise, then you do not have to drink water by filling the glass completely.

Can we drink water during exercise?

When we come home after doing any type of body workout, then our body temperature remains high. Therefore, drinking more quantity of water at that time can cause harm to our body rather than benefit. And problems may also have to be faced in exercise or weight lifting.

You should drink a quarter glass or two to three choking water during exercise. Half or an hour after finishing the exercise, you can also drink a glass of water, but drink a small amount of water during the exercise. By using water like this, almost all the problems related to our health are cured to a great extent and at the same time our digestion is also fine.

Role of water in increasing and reducing weight

If we use water properly, it helps us a lot to gain weight and lose weight, because unless a person’s digestion is correct, it is not possible to gain or lose weight. By adopting this method of water, you will see improvement in your health in a few weeks.


Benefits Of Drinking Water, friends, I hope you liked this article and you will definitely benefit from this article, we have tried to describe this article in its original form so that you can understand it easily. So friends, if you want to read more such articles, then comment below and tell us how you liked this article. 

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