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If you are asked whether has benefits of tea, or disadvantages, then what would be your answer, everyone may have different answers about this, but one thing is certain that drinking tea also has its advantages. There are also disadvantages, which depends on any person’s way of drinking tea and the mistakes made while making tea.

If our method of making tea and drinking tea is right, then the tea benefits the body, if there is any mistake in it, then there can be many losses of drinking the tea. That is why it is important for every person to know this, the tea that is used in every house several times a day, after all, what harm and what benefits it has on our body.

Friends, there are many types of tea used all over the world. But the tea that is consumed most in our country India is Black Tea and some people also use this tea by adding milk.


Tea contains Tannin and Caffeine, which causes damage to the body, the tannin present in the tea prevents the iron from being absorbed in the body, And for this reason, the amount of iron in the body gradually decreases.


Tea contains a substance called Caffeine, it has a bad effect on our body in every way, because caffeine acts like a slow drug which has a direct effect on the brain. And this is the reason that people who drink more tea slowly start getting addicted to it.


People who drink tea often do not have any idea of how much tea to drink throughout the day, and what should be the right time to drink it and that is the reason why the tea is consumed in the wrong amount and at the wrong time, It can also cause heavy damage to the body slowly.

Benefits of tea leaf

The things present in the tea leaf that benefit the body are Polyphenol and Flavonoid found in it and other Antioxidant, which when used in the right amount and at the right time, reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. And slows down the aging process, and in addition to increasing immunity power, it also helps to protect the body to many types of Cancer Cells.

The tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine which Increased the brain’s ability to focus for a while, and especially those who have problems with colds and sore throat it occurs. By giving them things like basil and ginger in tea gives them a lot of health in their health.

Black tea & milk tea

Drinking which tea can be a better option in black tea and milk tea. Friends, we have talked about black tea before. When black tea is added to milk, the protein called Casein in milk destroys it to a great extent by binding to the antioxidants present in the tea, which Finished or greatly reduces the benefits of tea.

For people who have problems with acne or pimples, drinking milk and sugar in tea is not at all suitable. So drinking black tea may be a better option than milk tea.

Right way to make tea

First heat the water properly and after that put the tea leaf and all other things in that water and use it. Here one thing should be kept in mind Do not drink tea made outside, In the tea made outside, only one leaf is used repeatedly, which increases the amount of poisonous substance in the tea, Which can cause damage to the body.

Right time to drink tea

Tea should not be drunk in the morning, after half an hour or an hour after breakfast, by doing so, it slowly absorbs in the body and the disadvantages caused by it also reduces to a great extent.

Disadvantages of sugar

All the teas we have known so far were all without sugar. The benefits of tea are reduced by the addition of sugar in tea and its losses also increase manifold. The higher the amount of sugar in tea, the more damage is done to the body. Sugar increases blood sugar and increases the amount of fat in the body, as well as causes acne and pimples on the face and body.

Sugar is also addictive like caffeine, it enhances tea habits many times more. If you have to use sugar in tea, then use sugar at least as possible. And it is also better that you use Sugar candy or jaggery instead of sugar, but you also have to use it limit.

When should not drink tea?

Friends, tea should not be used at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, because the wrong time to drink tea is morning empty stomach and before bedtime at night. This is because, at this time, tea causes more damage to the body.

By using empty stomach tea in the morning, it causes gas acidity and digestive disturbances, as well as being completely empty in the morning, It happens rapidly absorbs in the body. Due to which the losses due to tea increase manifold.

By using tea at night, it prevents the release of the sleeping hormone in our brain, Due to which the problem of sleeplessness starts on time. So get a good night’s sleep and don’t spoil it by drinking tea. 

If you force yourself to drink tea just to complete your work at night. Then in future you may have to pay for it. So it is better to sleep early at night and wake up in the morning to complete your work But never help tea at all to awaken yourself.

What to do to avoid loss of tea?

So now the point here is that if we drink tea too, what methods should be adopted to avoid its loss. Friends, it is very important to take care of three things to avoid the loss of tea. 

  1. Right amount of tea
  2. Right way to make tea
  3. Perfect time to drink tea

It is important to know the right way to make tea, because when there is a mistake in making tea, even if the method of drinking tea is correct, it only hurts the body. The biggest mistake that is made here while making tea is to cook the tea for a long time.

The more time the tea is cooked, Things that benefit in it are reduced that much. And the toxins that cause harm to the body grow more and more. Therefore, it is better that the tea should be boiled for a minimum time on the flame temperature.

Diseases caused by drinking too much tea

Once any person gets used to drinking tea, and Lack of tea on time By being, headache, restlessness and Irritability Seems to be. Due to excessive use of tea and the caffeine in it, stress, anxiety, Chest irritation, Heart beat fast, problems of sleepless nights and may face some problems during pregnancy.

Lack of iron in the body is so common that in our country India, almost one crore people are victims of iron deficiency. Therefore, this thing cannot be ignored. Also, due to mistakes made in drinking tea, problems like indigestion, acidity and constipation also start.

Advantages & disadvantages of drinking tea

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of tea properly, first we have to understand the things used in making tea, although sugar and Milk are used in tea, but the main thing in it is tea leaf. So we need to understand what happens in the tea leaf. Is it beneficial for our body? Or harmful.

How many cups of tea should one drink in a day?

We need to understand here that there is no problem in using tea sometimes because if you do not use tea for weeks and then use one or two cups of tea someday then there is no problem in doing so. 

Slow addiction of tea and sometimes its use does not make it a quick habit. And it also does not cause any harm to the body. But the problem is when someone makes tea their habit 

So people who do not have the habit of tea till now can use tea sometimes but you should not include it in your habits at all. And those who have fallen prey to the tea drinking habits, they should first reduce the quantity of tea to half. 

If you drink four cups of tea, then you need two cups of drink and if you drink two cups of tea, you need a cup of drink. Also, spend a couple of days in the middle of the bitch without drinking tea so that the habits of the tea can be controlled.

After all we would like to say to you that you do not need to stop tea forever, but you must try to reduce its quantity because tea is something that is used in small quantities it would be good for our health.


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