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Milk is the only thing that is equal to the whole diet alone. And this is the reason, that the first thing given to the born children in the form of food is milk. That is why if you look at the qualities benefits of milk, it is nothing less than nectar.

Milk is an animal product that we get from any living creature. Everything we get from living beings has a great tendency to react chemically. Due to which the wrong amount of milk, and using it incorrectly can cause problems like Indigestion, Sour Belching, Gas, Constipation, Chest Irritation and even Skin Allergies.

Milk with yogurt

Yogurt contains a bacteria called Lactobacillus that stores yogurt in milk, When we consume milk and curd together, the process of freezing of curd in milk starts in our stomach. Because of which our digestive system becomes completely confused, and there is a problem in digestion. Therefore, curd should not be consumed at all with milk.

Milk with non-veg

It is said that if fish is consumed before or after with of milk, then white spots on the skin, ie, a disease like leukoderma occurs, But this is not scientific proof, yet it cannot be ignored. The exact cause of white spots on the skin is not yet scientifically proven.

And our elders also always Fish refuse to eating fish with milk, this is another thing that often people consider their words as nonsense. Because they are not able to tell us the reason for anything properly.

But if you go deep think, then most of their things match the truth of our life, so it is better not to use milk and fish together and if you have to eat, then between these two Difference for two to three hours.

If you do not have the problem of digestion, then milk can be used along with meat or eggs. But the thing to note here is that protein is found in plenty in both milk and meat, which slows down the digestion, and it takes a long time to digest. Is, therefore, consuming milk with non-veg is not a good option. 

If you eat brinjal and raw onion in food, then it is also against the quality of milk, so between milk and other food, a gap of two to three hours must be kept.

Right time to drink milk

Well, milk can be used at any time, but it is most beneficial to consume milk at night, because it contains an amino acid called Tryptophan which helps us to calm the mind and get good sleep. And in the morning, the stomach also clears openly.

Some people are confused about using milk on an empty stomach in the morning, although milk can also be used on an empty stomach in the morning, but people who are allergic to lactose and who often have constipation, indigestion and gas problems. Those people should not use milk on an empty stomach at all.

Milk is a bit heavy to digest and due to its consumption on an empty stomach, our digestive system has to work very hard, so people who have stomach problems all the time should not drink milk on an empty stomach.

Citrus fruits & Junk food

Eating lemon orange and oily does not match milk with all these things, so if all these things are consumed with milk, then it and slows down our digestive system, Whose due to Indigestion, Heavy gage, gas, blotting, Bury sour, weakness, and abdominal pain as the problems begin.

Who should not drink milk?

People who have a big wound on their body, or have recently undergone surgery, should not use milk at all for a few days. Due to frequent use of why milk, wounds do not heal, and we constantly have to face these problems, and people who are allergic to lactose, and who always have acne and Pimple pimple on their face, They should use milk in small quantities.

Milk banana and apple shake

Some people use milk by making a shake with bananas or apples. If you do not have digestive problems, you can use apples or bananas with milk, but if Ayurveda is considered, then the milk itself is a bit heavier. Which takes about ninety minutes to digest, 

But if we drink Including milk together with any fruit, then it becomes even more heavy. And to digest it, our digestive system has to hard work a lot more and one mistake we make is that we use cold milk to make the shake and at the same time we add sugar to it.

The cooling of milk makes the milk even heavier and by adding sugar to the milk, it destroys the nutrients of the milk to a great extent. The milk itself contains a natural sugar called lactose which makes the milk sweeter.

If you want to sweeten milk, use honey, sugar candy, jaggery,  jaggery powder instead of sugar. Keep a gap of two to three hours between milk and other food. Always keep a gap of at least half an hour between milk and sweet fruits.

How to drink milk hot or cold?

One should always drink lukewarm milk, because milk is a bit heavy to digest But when we drink cold milk or freeze milk, it becomes heavier and it does not digest properly in our stomach. And due to which our body is not able to get the full benefit of the nutrients present in milk.

When should we not drink milk?

Milk should not be drunk immediately after meals. It has often been observed that people drink milk immediately after dinner. From the nutritional point of view, Milk itself is equivalent to a one-time meal. and if we are drink immediately after eating it. So it means to eat food Eating twice at the same time.

If you consume milk immediately after eating food, then you feel heavy of and at the same time, problems like acidity, flatulence and indigestion start, Therefore, milk should always be used after two hours of eating food and half an hour before bedtime.

Benefits Of Milk

Let’s start with how much milk can be drunk in a day, for that first we have to know what happens in milk and benefits of milk us in which problem. Friends, milk is rich in nutrients, so its right We benefit greatly by using it in the right way and at the right time. for example,

  • Constipation
  • Keeps skin nice
  • Keeps hair good
  • Strengthens bones
  • It corrects digestion
  • Helps to gain weight
  • Perfect sleep at night
  • Increases brain power
  • Improve sexual health

Milk contains the highest amount of calcium protein And the amount of vitamin D is highest. 200ml of milk contains about 257mg of calcium and our body needs about 1000mg to 1200mg of calcium. Therefore, if viewed accordingly, it is sufficient to consume one to two glasses of milk.

We can get the remaining calcium and Vitamin D from other foods as well, but if you do some work in the gym or hard work, then a small amount of milk can be increased, which will keep you energetic throughout the day.

Whose milk should a buffalo or a cow?

Calcium is found in sufficient amount in both milk, but buffalo milk has more fat and calories than cow’s milk, so those who want to gain weight should use buffalo milk than in cow’s milk. and those who do not want to gain weight or want to lose weight, should take cow’s milk only.


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